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Show Me Where? - Pain assessment tool Show Me Where? - Pain assessment tool

Simple visual tools which help people with communication
difficulties to convey the location of pain or discomfort

Price: £7.50 Exc VAT
Stroke Touchpoint cards Stroke Touchpoint cards

Designed to facilitate person-centred conversations between stroke patients and healthcare professionals.

Price: £10.83 Exc VAT
Teams That Care Teams That Care

In Association with NHS Lothian

Designed to help health & social care teams improve their performance and work together more effectively.

‘A 10% increase in real team membership is associated with a drop in mortality of around 6%.’

Price: £80.00 Exc VAT
Traffic Life Game Traffic Life Game

The Traffic Life Game helps health & social care professionals discuss sensitive issues around relationships, safety and risk with learning disabled adults. It offers players a safe environment to talk about these important issues and to support each other.

Supported by a facilitator, up to 4 players take turns to roll the dice and move around the townscape board, collecting Build-A-Character cards and responding to simple scenarios based around everyday life and social situations. The game uses a traffic light risk assessment system to help players understand how they should respond in certain scenarios:

  • Red: Don’t do it. It’s not safe.
  • Amber: Need to think. I’m not sure.
  • Green. Go ahead. It’s OK to try.

A discussion between the players and facilitator follows, and this helps players understand why a certain response would be most appropriate in a given situation.

It also contains a fun “Build-A-Character” activity, which encourages players to use their imagination and create characters using cards collected during the game.

Price: £80.00 Exc VAT