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Chiji Cards Chiji Cards

Chiji Cards are becoming a standard in the experiential education field. They are not simply pretty pictures on a deck of cards, they are a valuable educational tool for all facilitators who recognize processing (or debriefing) as a challenging, and valuable, part of a session. The 48 images on the cards help participants to create their own metaphors and gain more insight into the session or activity.

Price: £12.99 Exc VAT
Cystic Fibrosis Game Cystic Fibrosis Game

A fun and educational board game to help young CF patients and their families improve their understanding of the condition and how to manage it more effectively.

The Cystic Fibrosis game helps players to understand:

  • What Cystic Fibrosis is
  • Exercise and physiotherapy
  • Having a good diet
  • The importance of medication
  • Visiting doctors and clinics

Suitable for young CF patients to play with their family and friends, at home, at school or in a healthcare setting with professionals.

Price: £60.00 Exc VAT
Drug Recovery Game Drug Recovery Game

The Drug Recovery Game helps players improve their understanding of the process a person goes through when trying to give up a substance. It explores both the theoretical knowledge needed to work with people using or giving up substances, and the everyday challenges which can lead to relapse or making progress.

Players compete to reach the top of “Recovery Mountain”, answering and discussing questions to improve their drug and alcohol knowledge. Their journey to achieve recovery is boosted or hindered by “Recovery” and “Trigger” cards that present situations which might trigger a relapse, or lead to a positive change in behaviour.

Price: £60.00 Exc VAT
Everybody's Different: The Appearance Game Everybody's Different: The Appearance Game

Everybody’s Different: The Appearance Game aims to help children understand that differences in appearance are normal and there’s more to who we are than just how we look. The game uses discussion based questions, as well as activities to explore thoughts and feelings around body image, appearance and differences.

Playing the game creates a relaxed environment where children feel comfortable to discuss issues explored within the game, such as:

  • Body confidence and positive body image
  • Visible differences (disfigurement)
  • Diversity
  • 'Body talk'
  • Appearance-related bullying
  • Appearance ideals in the media
  • Putting appearance into perspective

Price: £60.00 Exc VAT