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Masterful Mentoring - Revalidation card add on pack
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Masterful Mentoring - Revalidation cards

Already got Masterful Mentoring? You can now order an additional Revalidation card pack to supplement your current game.

The Revalidation pack supports mentors to consider the impact of revalidation on practice, and consider how to prepare for initial and future revalidation. The Revalidation pack also helps mentors to discuss how they can use their mentor activities to contribute to their revalidation portfolio, and support students to be prepared for revalidation in the future.

Using the Revalidation pack will allow mentors to consider the challenges revalidation could present, discuss any concerns and learn from each other’s ideas and experiences to ensure they fully understand revalidation and its requirements.

Contains 23 question cards.

Price: £19.99 Exc VAT
Hydration Game

Supporting patients and residents to be well hydrated is the responsibility of all care staff members. The Hydration Game helps frontline staff to develop their understanding of the impact and consequences of hydration, and recognise when people in their care might be at risk of becoming dehydrated. It also helps them to focus on practical changes they could make in their workplace, implementing creative solutions to improve people’s fluid intake.

The game contains 3 packs of cards; General questions, Discussion questions, and a Staff Questions pack, which allows players to play a separate game where they’ll learn how to improve their own hydration at work.

The Hydration Game is a team game which allows conversations to develop around improving hydration for patients and residents. These discussions allow players to share knowledge, learn from each other and improve the way they work.

Want to learn more about The Hydration Game? Click here to visit the game’s website!

Price: £60.00 Exc VAT
Game of Stools

The Clostridium difficile board game that helps healthcare professionals understand, prevent and manage C. diff infection. Developed by the Infection Prevention Team at Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board.

Price: £80.00 Exc VAT
First Aid Game

Administering first aid in an unknown environment can be a daunting prospect for a healthcare professional who is present during an emergency. The First Aid Game is designed to help staff improve their skills and confidence around managing an incident, providing first aid and caring for injured people in situations outside of their workplace.

The game leads players through 4 scenarios (road traffic collision, scald, choking and chest pain), encouraging them to discuss and answer questions about communication, first aid and emergency care required to manage common emergency situations.

The game helps players to learn about:

  • Professional and legal responsibilities outside the workplace
  • Managing an incident
  • Prioritising casualties
  • Keeping yourself and other safe
  • Communicating information to the emergency services
  • Helpful tools including DR ABC, SBAR and AMPLE
  • Knowledge of first aid required in the given scenarios
  • Other basic first aid knowledge, including FAST test and anaphylaxis

Price: £80.00 Exc VAT
Masterful Mentoring 2017

A creative approach to support nurse and allied health professional mentors in their annual updates and training.

Price: £250.00 Exc VAT
Flu Bee Game 2017/18

Flu Bee is a unique online game designed to improve staff uptake of the flu vaccine. Flu Bee will help your staff understand why the vaccine is so important, and encourage them to get vaccinated. Games are an effective and unusual way to focus attention and inspire action.

Flu Bee was inspired by Joan Pons Laplana, Maria Harrison and the transformation team at James Paget University Hospitals NHS FT. In 2016 Joan’s team almost doubled the trust’s staff vaccination rate with their innovative campaign

The Flu Bee game works on any device and only takes a few minutes to play. Players answer questions about flu and vaccination. If they get enough questions right and dodge the flu bugs the ‘honeycomb path’ they build leads them to ‘Queen Bee’ status.

Players share their success on the game’s leader-board, and social media and can invite colleagues to play and compete. The objective is to create a local, regional and national ‘buzz’ through social media and word-of-mouth that raises awareness and increases uptake of the vaccine.

Price: £1,000.00 Exc VAT