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Foodeeze is a simple and fun card game which helps get children interested in food and healthy eating from an early age. Suitable for KS1, it helps children to learn about different types of food and gives them the knowledge to start making healthy choices.

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Normaler Preis £4.16 GBP exc. VAT
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Focus Games Ltd.Dr Jargon - Paediatrics
Dr Jargon - Paediatrics
  • Promoting a healthy lifestyle at an early age helps children develop positive attitudes to food. This enables them to make choices which allow them to become healthy adults. Foodeeze encourages children to think and talk about food at an early age. This provides the opportunity to develop healthy attitudes to food which could have a huge positive impact in the future.

    The game is simple and easy for children to understand. Each card features a colourful food character and fun food facts. Players read out their fun facts and compare the Health Value scores on each card. Healthy foods have a high value, but unhealthy foods are low. The card with the highest Health Value wins, and the player collects all cards from that round. At the end of the game the player with the most cards is declared the winner!

    Foodeeze is a refreshing and alternative way of engaging children with food and healthy eating. It is an exciting addition to the curriculum, and lesson plans to support the game are available on the game website. These support cross curricular lessons about food which also incorporate Geography, Science, Literacy and more.


    Children will learn about:

    • Food groups
    • Appearance of foods
    • Health and unhealthy options
    • Ingredients of food
    • Fun food facts



    Suitable for children aged 5 – 7 (Key Stage 1).

    Suitable for use at school, at home, children’s clubs or for children’s health promotion activities.

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    2 - 8


    5 - 60 minutes