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Children & Young People

The Emotion Game

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It is not always easy to put feelings into words; our emotions impact our health and wellbeing. The Emotion Game is a simple card game designed to help children identify, manage and understand their emotions.

The Emotion Game is designed to help children express how they feel; and what they may want to do to manage their feelings.

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  • The Emotion game contains 16 emotion cards, (I’m feeling”), based on 7 emotions. There are 9 so called secondary emotions, which are complex emotions. Finally, there are 16 desire cards, (“I’d like), which children may use to manage negative and positive emotions.

    Children starts by placing “I feel” cards on the left-hand side of the board. They then place ”I’d like” cards on the right-hand side of the board.

    The game will help children understand how to communicate effectively and learn how to express their feelings in a positive way using words, not their hands.

    Suitable for:

    Children aged 3-7 years old

  • Game details


    1 - 4


    2 - 20 minutes




    "I'm feeling" cards


    "I'd like" cards


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