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Chiji Pocket Processor

This pack of cards can be used by facilitators or trainers to help groups understand that many situations do not have an either/or solution, but that a continuum exists, and solutions can be found somewhere in the middle ground.

  • Chiji Pocket Processor uses the Chinese concept of the yin and the yang to teach that most issues do not get addressed with an either/or solution. For example:

    • Boundaries sometimes create structure, but sometimes create barriers
    • Effective leaders sometimes assume responsibility, and sometimes delegate responsibility

    Pocket Processor Cards each feature the two extremes of a continuum, allowing participants to place themselves somewhere along the continuum. This helps them to think about how the group works as a whole with participants who find themselves at different points on the continuum. For example:

    • Goal orientated vs Process orientated
    • Look at the big picture vs Pay attention to details



    Suitable for anyone facilitating groups sessions or training.

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