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All In Game

All In Game is a unique ‘serious’ game that helps teams translate strategic goals into action plans that deliver results. It only takes half a day for 8 people to achieve amazing outcomes. It is easy to use, self-directed and happens in the workplace without any external support.

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  • What’s the problem? Many strategies fail because frontline teams cannot translate them into action. How do you connect your people with your strategy to improve performance? All In Game will help you solve this problem.

    "…combines the science of game-based learning with strategy implementation to deliver impressive business outcomes" Forbes

    All In Game encourages collaboration, creativity and risk taking that will deliver performance improvement. Each player leaves the workshop with their own action plan that converts strategy into results.

    And, you don’t need expensive external support because the team ‘owns’ the process and the outcomes. It’s a ‘pop-up’ workshop. Designed for:

    • Strategic planning
    • Team building
    • Culture change
    • Product launches
    • On-boarding
    • Project kick-offs
    • Goal setting
    • Leadership development


    “All In Game created a fun, safe and innovative environment to brainstorm, collaborate and achieve results.” All In Game is…Inclusive, Engaging, Effective & Fun

    All In Game is a cost-effective way of improving performance. Each All In Game kit costs £700 (Exc VAT & delivery). The kit includes everything you need to run a single workshop with 8 people. That’s less than £90 for each participant to turn your strategy into a workable action plan.

  • Game details


    Up to 8


    Up to 3 hours






    Participant Maps

    9 (1 FREE map for Sponsor)

    Game Pieces


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