Mental Health Awareness Game - Individual

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Talking about mental health remains a challenge. Our Mental Health Awareness game helps breaks the silence. A complement to our team games. This single player game is perfect for anyone to improve their understanding of mental health.

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Normaler Preis £2.49 GBP exc. VAT
Normaler Preis exc. VAT Verkaufspreis £2.49 GBP exc. VAT
  • In many workplaces, a culture of silence still exists in relation to talking about mental health, with many people feeling uncomfortable discussing their mental health with managers or colleagues. But mental health is just as important as physical health, and mental health conditions can have a big impact on motivation and performance at work.

    To help break the culture of silence and help organisations support their employee’s mental health, we’ve developed the Mental Health Awareness Game. It is an online educational game for individuals that encourages personal reflection. 

    The game encourages a safe space for players to explore mental health issues. Playing the game will help players increase their knowledge and facilitate informal learning through the discussions generated by playing the game. 

    Mental Health First Aid Training

    The game supports Mental Health First Aid training at levels 1 & 2.

    The game has been mapped against typical learning objectives and outcomes for level 2 to build an understanding of the prevalence of mental health problems, knowledge of mental health conditions and looks at supporting people experiencing difficulty with their mental health.

    How does it work?

    The game is an engaging educational activity for individuals that works through a web browser on any device.

    It can be played by anyone at any level in an organisation but is especially useful for Mental Health First Aiders.

  • Game details

    Device requirements

    Any device through a browser


    5 - 10 minutes