Infection Control Game

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An interactive board game which recreates an infection outbreak and challenges frontline healthcare staff to consider how they manage infection prevention and control. Developed by infection control practitioners, it provides a safe space to explore the consequences of actions during an outbreak.

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Precio habitual £95.00 GBP exc. VAT
Precio habitual exc. VAT Precio de oferta £95.00 GBP exc. VAT
Focus Games Ltd.Game of Stools
Game of Stools
Infection Management
Focus Games Ltd.Infection Management
  • The Infection Control Game is based in a virtual ward and recreates the complexities of a norovirus outbreak. The video presentation simulates a day on the Burton Ward, where players must work together to spot the signs of an outbreak and stop it from happening. If they fail, they must manage the consequences of ward closure. As gameplay develops, the video presents challenges which players must manage within the board game.

    The Infection Control Game is a hands-on approach to learning about infection prevention and control. Interacting with a simulated ward encourages players to make real world connections with the importance of minimising infection. The game challenges teams to reflect on how they manage infection and promotes teamwork and discussion to improve players confidence in managing on outbreak.


    Players will learn about:

    • Warning signs of infection
    • Infection prevention methods
    • Managing an outbreak



    Suitable for all frontline healthcare staff in acute and community care settings.

  • Game details


    6 - 14


    45 - 60 minutes




    Video presentation - On purchase you will be emailed a download link


    Patient cards


    Ward closed sign


    SIGHT guide card


    Stool chart


    Yellow card clips


    Green card clips


    Card stands