ZeST Safeguarding

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Precio habitual exc. VAT Precio de oferta £30.00 GBP exc. VAT
Version: ZeST online version - single annual licence

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A version of the board game for use with TEAMS, ZOOM, SKYPE.

An educational board game which helps make safeguarding training memorable and effective. The Safeguarding Game provides an introduction to safeguarding children and adults, helping players spot the signs of abuse, and learn what to do if they are concerned about a child or adult at risk.

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Precio habitual £30.00 GBP exc. VAT
Precio habitual exc. VAT Precio de oferta £30.00 GBP exc. VAT
  • ZeST replicates the benefits of face-to-face games in a simple web-based tool that anyone can use. It does not require any training or special technology.

    ZeST games are designed to be played during group meetings on Zoom, Skype, Teams, WebEx. There is no direct link between ZeST and these meetings platforms. The facilitator just shares their ZeST screen with the group.

    The actual games are designed to be very simple to manage allowing the facilitator to concentrate on encouraging and maintaining group discussions.

    ZeST games will help you to recreate the energy and discussions you’d get during a face-to-face game.

    A single licence gives you unrestricted access to a specific game on the ZeST platform for 12 months. A single licence allows one online game session to be run at any time. However, you can invite as many participants as you wish to each session and you can organise as many back-to-back game sessions as you need. You can also purchase additional licenses.

  • Safeguarding is everybody’s business – it is everyone’s responsibility to protect children, young people and at-risk adults. The Safeguarding Game introduces the concept of safeguarding to any staff working in a role where they have contact with the public. The game helps players to identify safeguarding issues, by being aware of signs which may indicate abuse, and to understand what to do if they have a concern.


    The Safeguarding Game covers the following key topics:

    • What is safeguarding?
    • Who is at risk?
    • Types of abuse
    • Spotting the signs of harm
    • Practical tips – what to do if you have a concern


    The Safeguarding Game can also be used to support and complement introductory safeguarding courses such as:

    • Safeguarding Children Level One
    • Safeguarding Adults Level One
    • Introduction to Child Protection
    • Introduction to Adult Protection



    Suitable for anyone working public facing roles or who has contact with children, young people or at-risk adults:

    • Council/local authority
    • Health and social care
    • Retail, hospitality and leisure
    • Public transport
    • Youth, community group or sports clubs