Breaking the 4th wall in L&D

Breaking the 4th wall in L&D

In theatre, an invisible fourth wall separates the audience from the onstage action. The audience are passive observers not active participants. Breaking the wall invites the audience to participate. It engages them.

There’s a fourth wall in L&D that blocks engagement and stifles change. A lot of training and education treats you like a sponge. You’re expected to sit and soak up the information. There’s no engagement, enjoyment or sense of responsibility. So, there's no practical outcome. It’s a dead-end. 

You can break the fourth wall with board games. They can give learners direct control of their learning. No expensive trainer or facilitator is needed.

Every individual has valuable knowledge and experience so don’t waste it, allow staff learn from each other. Games encourage a series of structured discussions between the players. 

Games actively engage staff with 'learning' and with each other. They have fun exploring ideas, sharing experiences and finding new ways to work. Games give them the knowledge, commitment and confidence they need to make changes.

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