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Learning Disability

Traffic Life Game

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This board game helps people with learning disabilities understand and manage the risks associated with relationships and social situations. Developed by a Lead Clinical Psychologist, it uses a simple traffic light risk assessment system to help players recognise potential risks in everyday situations.

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  • The Traffic Life Game is designed to provide an engaging and memorable group learning experience for people with learning disabilities. It provides a safe environment to discuss sensitive issues around relationships, personal safety and risks with the support and guidance of a health and social care professional.

    Up to 4 players supported by a facilitator take turns to move round the townscape board, collecting cards to build their own fun, imaginative character and encountering simple scenarios around everyday life and social situations. A simple traffic light system helps players recognise potential risks and make decisions about how they should respond to situations:

    • Red: Don’t do it. It’s not safe.
    • Amber: Need to think. I’m not sure.
    • Green. Go ahead. It’s OK to try.


    A discussion between the players and facilitator follows, and this helps players understand why a certain response would be most appropriate in a given situation. Situations covered by scenario cards cover the following broad topics:


    • Social situations
    • Friends and family relationships
    • Romantic relationships



    Requires facilitation by a health and social care professional, teacher, support worker or similar. A comprehensive facilitator guide is provided.



    Suitable for adults and older children with learning disabilities.

    The Traffic Life Game is particularly useful for people starting to gain independence, such as moving out of their family home to supported or independent living or leaving education for employment. Some settings it could be used in include:

    • SEN schools
    • Supported living facilities
    • Day centres
  • Game details


    1 - 4 


    Up to 30 minutes




    Facilitator guide


    Scenario cards


    Character building cards


    Set of traffic light cards


    Playing pieces








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