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Drug Recovery Game

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This game offers a memorable insight into the daily challenges faced by people recovering from drug addiction. Designed to help players develop understanding and empathy. Two editions available: Awareness Edition, and Healthcare Staff Edition.

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  • The Drug Recovery Game helps players improve their understanding of the process a person goes through when trying to give up a substance. It explores both the theoretical knowledge needed to work with people using or giving up substances, and the everyday challenges which can lead to relapse or making progress.

    Players compete to reach the top of “Recovery Mountain”, answering and discussing questions to improve their drug and alcohol knowledge. Their journey to achieve recovery is boosted or hindered by “Recovery” and “Trigger” cards that present situations which might trigger a relapse or lead to a positive change in behaviour.


    Select the edition which best meets your needs:

    Healthcare Staff Edition

    Designed to help health, social and community care staff understand the realities of drug recovery and understand the challenges a patient or service user is facing. Suitable for all staff who have contact with individuals recovering from addiction.

    Awareness Edition

    Designed for anyone wishing to broaden their knowledge of the recovery process, substances, and the law. Useful for schools, colleges, drug services or outreach services.

  • Game details


    2 - 4


    Up to 30 minutes






    Quiz cards

    Awareness Edition: 40

    Healthcare Staff Edition: 36

    Trigger cards


    Recovery cards


    Playing pieces




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