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Learning Disability Health Promotion Collection

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A collection of four educational games that help people with learning disabilities develop the skills and knowledge needed to look after their health and personal safety. They use simple, well known game formats to help deliver and reinforce key messages about health and wellbeing.

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  • It is important that people with learning disabilities have the opportunity to learn about staying healthy and looking after themselves. The games in the Learning Disability Health Promotion Collection promote interaction and discussion around key areas of health, giving people with learning disabilities the chance to take more responsibility for their health.

    The games use well know formats such as Snakes and Ladders and have simple rules and easy to read text. They can be used in a variety of settings such as SEN schools, day centres or health and social care settings. Also a fun way for young children in mainstream schools to learn about health.



    Requires facilitation by a health/social care professional, teacher of support staff member.



    Suitable for

    • People with learning disabilities
    • Young children
    • SEN schools
    • Children/adults with autism
    • People with cognitive impairments
    • Mental health organisations
  • Healthy Living

    This game enables players to learn about looking after themselves and the importance of a healthy lifestyle. It encourages discussions about smoking, sun protection, drinking and other lifestyle choices.


    Healthy Eating

    Helps players to understand what healthy eating means and how to make better food choices.


    Heart & Lungs

    Players learn about the function of their heart and lungs, and how to look after them with a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.


    Home Safe .... or are you?

    This game encourages conversations about safety in the home and the community, including security, fire safety, personal safety and avoiding accidents.

  • Game details


    2 - 6 per game


    Up to 30 minutes per game


    Healthy Living Healthy Eating Heart & Lungs Home Safe... or are you?
    1x board 1x board 1x board 1x board
    1x instructions 1x instructions 1x instructions 1x instructions
    6 x playing pieces 6 x playing pieces 6 x playing pieces 6 x playing pieces
    1 x dice 1 x dice 1 x dice 1 x dice
    44x cards 14x cards

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