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Easier Swallowing Level 4

Information to support understanding and safe application of an IDDSI Level 4 PUREED diet. Also includes space to personalise with the client’s drink level. Guidance explains: what dysphagia is; why a texture modified diet is needed; standards for the IDDSI level; how to fortify foods if needed; how to prepare food for the diet, and; tips to avoid common problems.

Classification: SHP (Specialist Health Professional) Advice requires detailed explanation from a Dietitian or other specialist Health Professional with appropriate nutritional knowledge, to enable correct understanding and implementation.

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    • To reduce risk of harm, and improve safety and understanding, and quality of life.
    • To reduce risk and raise awareness of aspiration, choking, dehydration and under nutrition.
    • To build understanding of the importance of nutrition and hydration.
    • The target group will understand their eating, drinking and swallowing difficulties including the risk of aspiration and choking and malnutrition
    • The target group will understand the food and fluid consistency has been recommended for them
    • The target group will have the knowledge to prepare their food/fluid consistency.
    • The target group will have the knowledge to apply dietary and fluid advice safely to ensure nourishment and hydration.

    Evidence Base:

    • The International Dysphagia Diet Standardisation Initiative (IDDSI) Framework and Descriptors
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