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Eating Well with Diabetes

Simple information for older and/or frail people with diabetes to help support healthy living and diabetes control. Developed with BDA Older People Specialist Group.

Classification: HP (Health Professional) Advice requires some explanation from a Health Professional who has basic nutrition knowledge to enable correct implementation.

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  • To support:

    • Healthy eating (primary prevention ) - eating healthily to stay healthy.
    • Prevention and management of underweight older adults who have a small appetite and may struggle to eat enough.
    • Self managing diet for diabetes.

    The Target Group will:

    • know the symptoms of diabetes and that diet helps to control them
    • be able to choose healthy meals and snacks
    • know steps to take to encourage weight loss
    • know that exercise helps diabetes as well as general health
    • adapt diet for illness and hypo
    • know when and where to get further help

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