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A collection of over 30 nourishing recipes developed in partnership with the Northern Health and Social Care Prescribing Support Team. 'Nourish' provides a range of food and drink recipes to encourage and support a nourishing diet for those suffering from weight loss and/or poor appetite, and are at risk of malnutrition.

Classification: PiL (Patient Information Leaflet) Enforcement of healthy eating messages for self-management - advice is easily understood requiring no additional explanation.

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  • To reduce or reverse malnutrition in people with a poor appetite or weight loss, through a food first approach via nourishing recipes. The target group will know:

    • a) How to increase the protein and energy content of dietary intake.
    • b) How to prepare a variety of recipes suitable for a fortified diet (main meals, light meals, snacks, shakes and desserts).
    • The target group will understand the importance of food for health and quality of life.
    • The target group will understand the consequences of malnutrition.

    Evidence Base:

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