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Harm Free Care

First Aid Game

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A “serious” game that helps health professionals improve their first aid and incident management skills. The First Aid Game helps staff develop the skills and confidence to administer first aid and respond to emergency situations outside their normal working environment.

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  • Health professionals may encounter situations outside their working environment where their skills could help to save a life. But administering first aid in emergency situations can be daunting and they may lack the confidence to assist. The First Aid Game allows players to think about what they can do to help in an emergency and improve their skills and confidence around managing an incident and administering first aid.

    The game leads players through a series of scenarios - road traffic collision, scald, choking and chest pain. It challenges them to think about keeping people safe, prioritising injuries and managing the situation.


    Players will learn about:

    • Professional & legal responsibilities outside the workplace
    • Managing an incident
    • Prioritising casualties
    • Keeping yourself and others safe
    • Communicating information to emergency services
    • Helpful tools including DR ABC, SBAR and AMPLE
    • First aid required in the given scenarios
    • Basic first aid knowledge, including FAST test and anaphylaxis



    Suitable for all frontline healthcare staff and students.

    Basic first aid knowledge is useful for everyone, and the game is flexible enough to be tailored to suit all health staff groups.

  • Game details


    2 - 12


    45 - 60 minutes






    Question cards


    Flash cards






    First aid kit tiles


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