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ZeST Stop The Pressure

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Play The Stop The Pressure Game using our online tool - ZeST. The Stop The Pressure Game was developed at part of the NHS “Stop The Pressure” initiative to eliminate avoidable pressure ulcers. It helps frontline staff understand how to recognise and reduce the risk of avoidable grade 2, 3 and 4 pressure ulcers.

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  • In training and education face-to-face discussions are incredibly powerful. But for many organisations, groups cannot meet face-to-face. Valuable opportunities for engagement and learning are being missed.

    However, people are still meeting in groups via Zoom, Skype and Teams. So, we have created a unique way of playing our board games online to maximise the value of remote meetings. It is called ZeST.

    ZeST encourages the same intense group discussions as our board games, and it can be used by anyone during any online meeting. ZeST is perfect for learning and training in the current situation and can be used for stand-alone learning sessions or integrated into group meetings.

    We offer a twelve month subscription for a single concurrent user within your whole organisation.

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  • Play the Dysphagia Game using our online tool - ZeST. 95% of pressure ulcers are preventable. The Stop The Pressure Game is designed to help your organisation eliminate avoidable pressure ulcers. It helps improve patient safety training for all health and social care staff around pressure ulcer prevention. It gives staff the opportunity to discuss the risk factors for pressure ulcers, and how to manage and prevent them.

    Two teams compete to answer questions about pressure ulcer prevention, and questions are designed to stimulate discussion and sharing ideas. This allows players to learn from each other’s experiences and knowledge.


    Topics covered include:

    • Causes of pressure ulcers
    • Risk factors
    • Preventative interventions including SSKIN




    Suitable for all frontline health and care staff in any care setting.