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Make learning and revising neurological terminology more enjoyable.

Builds on the foundations created by Neurological Hats to deepen knowledge by addressing the major neurological syndromes.

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Regular price £20.00 GBP exc. VAT
Regular price exc. VAT Sale price £20.00 GBP exc. VAT
Focus Games Ltd.Neurospeed French
Neurospeed French
Neurological Hats French
Focus Games Ltd.Neurological Hats French
  • Learning neurology is feared by many medical students and healthcare professionals. They must remember dozens of complex terms describing the signs and symptoms that patients present with. Mastering neurological semiology is demanding and causes anxiety which is a barrier to learning.

    Educational games can create the perfect environment for relaxed, effective and enjoyable learning. Learning performance improves if students are actively engaged with the many signs and symptoms necessary for a syndromic diagnostic approach.

    The game was created by highly experienced neurologists who work in clinical practice and as clinical educators. The  games are evidence based and have been tested extensively.

    We have created 2 neurological card games that allow players to learn and revise the essentials of neurological semiology in a more enjoyable and effective way.

    See our other neurological game (Neurological Hats) here

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    40 - 45 minutes