Stroke Touchpoint cards

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A unique resource designed to facilitate person-centred conversations between stroke patients and health professionals. Stroke Touchpoint Cards are designed to make consultations and appointments more effective, empowering patients to talk about what matters to them.

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Regular price £10.83 GBP exc. VAT
Regular price exc. VAT Sale price £10.83 GBP exc. VAT
Focus Games Ltd.Stroke Game
Stroke Game
  • Talking about the emotional and physical issues people face after a stroke can be difficult. Stroke Touchpoint cards enable optimum use of appointment or meeting time, by creating person centred conversations around issues important to the patient and staff member.

    The patient and health professional both select cards from the pack which represents issues they want to discuss, and the number selected can vary depending on time available. This helps give “permission” for subjects to be discussed which patients may feel anxious or even embarrassed to bring up without the cards as a prompt. The cards also help structure the conversation, setting out what will be covered and ensuring the patient gets maximum benefit from the appointment.


    Stroke Touchpoint Cards are designed specifically for stroke patients, with a simple design to aid cognition. They feature common issues important in stroke aftercare, helping facilitate conversations about:

    • Health
    • Feelings
    • Daily living
    • Effects of stroke



    Session requires a professional with knowledge of stroke aftercare.

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    1-1 activity


    20 - 30 minutes