Supporting health and social care workers’ mental health during COVID-19

Supporting health and social care workers’ mental health during COVID-19

During COVID-19 health and social care staff are working under intense pressure. Evidence shows that many are experiencing mental health problems because of working during the pandemic, with:

  • 5% feeling distressed
  • 4% feeling depressed
  • 6% feeling anxious
  • 34% suffering insomnia.

However, staff who access psychological information and support services show improved mental health.

Therefore, we have developed the Working Stress app to support individual health and social care professionals and help them manage work-related stress. The app offers specific information about stress, grief and burnout and explores the psychological and physical impact they can have.

It then presents a range of evidence-based coping strategies that staff can apply immediately. It is not a mindfulness or meditation tool. It targets our cognitive appraisal of stress and improves our ability to cope with it.

A 2017 clinical trial carried out by Birkbeck College London with 227 NHS doctors proved that the interventions are effective. In the trial, levels of anxiety were reduced by 33% and high burnout by 9.5%.

The app contains 3 short modules that take approx. 15 minutes to complete:

  1. Understanding stress & burnout
  2. Managing stress & burnout
  3. Dealing with patients’ death

Each module includes a set of questions allowing staff to reflect on the causes and consequences of stress and effective ways to cope and manage stress.

The app is now available for FREE on Apple Store and Google Play.


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