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CARDiph Game

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A unique medical education planning game.

CARDiph is a unique card game that enables healthcare educators to create and deliver lesson plans in a playful group session.

The game package includes Free downloadable 'Teaching Session Planning Sheet' that players/teams can complete as many times as they want.

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  • Effective lesson planning in medical education is fundamentally important. Healthcare educators are increasingly working in teams to produce learning opportunities for their students and trainees.

    CARDiph is a unique card game that enables healthcare educators to create and deliver lesson plans in a playful group session. The rules are very simple, and anyone can run a game without support. The game offers 35 million possible teaching session permutations so you will not run out of options.

    Who can use CARDiph and why?

    CARDiph can be used by any individual or group to enhance their teaching approach and develop their skills in lesson and session planning in medical education. It is particularly useful for interprofessional faculty development sessions.

    CARDiph provides the opportunity for individuals and groups to design a teaching session within a time limit and in relation to randomly selected combination of cards representing key elements of a basic teaching session. But players must be prepared for the unexpected: as with all real-life teaching experiences there is an element of jeopardy in the form of Joker cards.

    What are the benefits of using CARDiph?

    Thanks to its element of chance, resource constraints and risk, CARDiph accurately reproduces the challenges of ‘real world’ educational design and delivery.

    There are many practical and educational advantages to interactive co-teaching including: knowledge and content integration, role modelling of professional behaviours, and a more active and engaging format for learners.

    • Opportunity to reflect and feedback on the potential of playful learning and collaborative educational practice within healthcare education settings.
    • Encourages players to think outside the box.
    • Versatile, not a one-play game where you have a single route out. We have calculated that with the bonus cards there is in the region of 35 million possible teaching session permutations.
    • Develop teaching and learning skills collaboratively within a safe environment where groups work together to think creatively to design an engaging teaching session with the cards they are given.
  • Game details


    2 - 6


    20 - 40 minutes



    84 (split into 7 categories)

    Instruction Booklet


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