Dr Jargon - Paediatrics

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The first in the Dr Jargon series! This fast-paced card game challenges health professionals to swap medical jargon for everyday language against the clock. Players are challenged to describe medical conditions, treatments and procedures using clear, child friendly language.

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Regular price £14.99 GBP exc. VAT
Regular price exc. VAT Sale price £14.99 GBP exc. VAT
  • Dr Jargon: Paediatrics was developed by junior doctor Vicki Rodulson to help colleagues and students practice communicating more effectively with patients, particularly children. Medicine can seem like a foreign language to most people – so it’s no surprise that children often don’t fully understand what doctors and health professionals are saying to them.

    Dr Jargon helps professionals practise using simple, child friendly language when communicating with young patients. Players must describe a condition, treatment or procedure to their teammates without using any of the “jargon” words listed on the card – or they’ll get “busted” by the other team and lose a point!

    Dr Jargon is the enjoyable, exciting way to improve how you communicate with patients. It will help health professionals learn how to communicate clearly with young patients, so that children clearly understand the information they are given and can focus on their recovery.



    Suitable for all health professionals who interact with children, such as:

    • Junior doctors
    • Medical students
    • Allied health professionals
    • Qualified and student nurses
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    3 - 8