Food in Later Life

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As we get older, health and social issues can mean it can become more difficult to access and enjoy safe, nutritious food. The Food in Later Life Game aims to help ensure older people continue to enjoy food by helping people who interact with older people understand the challenges they face.

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Regular price £60.00 GBP exc. VAT
Regular price exc. VAT Sale price £60.00 GBP exc. VAT
  • This game will help anyone interacting, working or volunteering with older people to understand how to help the older generation remain “food secure” by understanding the difficulties they face, from mobility and health issues, to lack of rest areas in shops and poor transport links. It helps players to consider the things we can do to help older people continue to live independently and access the food they want to eat.

    The game uses question cards to help players understand what makes an older person food insecure and think about how we can ensure older people continue to enjoy the food they want to eat. Scenario cards ask players to identify issues faced by an older person in a particular situation and think about how the issues could be overcome.

    Topics covered include:

    • What is food security?
    • Who is vulnerable to food insecurity and why?
    • Common issues faced when shopping, cooking or eating
    • Methods to improve access to food
    • Role of supermarkets and retailers
    • Role of community and voluntary organisations
    • Solutions to the issues faced by older people


    The Food in Later Life Game can be used in training, for induction of new staff or a refresher for existing staff. It can be woven into formal training programmes, or used for informal learning in the workplace, in community groups or in education settings.


    Suitable for anyone working with, volunteering with or providing a service to older people such as:

    • Staff in supermarkets or other food stores
    • Social care staff working in the community
    • Community groups such as Meals on Wheels or lunch group providers
    • Volunteers working with older people
    • Students studying dietetics, nursing, social care or hospitality
    • Hospitality and catering staff


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    2 - 12


    45 - 60 minutes






    Question cards


    Scenario cards


    Playing pieces