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Hospital Life is an interactive board game simulation which helps players understand how patients move around a hospital. It helps anyone working in hospitals to gain a basic understanding of capacity management, patient flow and how their role contributes to effective hospital management.

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Regular price £95.00 GBP exc. VAT
Regular price exc. VAT Sale price £95.00 GBP exc. VAT
  • Hospital Life helps players to realise that planning and communication are vital to maximise efficiency. Players take on job roles within a fictional ward simulated on the board. The board game is integrated with a video, which presents players with a series of tasks and challenges based on typical occurrences in a hospital. Using discussion and teamwork, players attempt to manage their virtual hospital, coping with patient arrivals and discharges, ward transfers, staff management and other unexpected situations.

    Bringing staff together can help everyone to understand how all members of the team can work together to create an efficient environment. It is also a useful tool for highlighting the importance of communication and showing newly qualified staff how a hospital operates. At the end of the game, players are encouraged to talk about and reflect upon the experience, helping them to understand their role in effective hospital management.


    Hospital Life helps players develop skills in:

    • Applying capacity management and patient flow policies/targets
    • Managing patient flow
    • Coordinating bed meetings
    • Managing scheduled and unscheduled admissions



    Suitable for all staff working in hospital care settings.

  • Game details


    3 - 13


    120 minutes






    Patient cards


    Role cards


    Handover notes


    Rule card


    Card stands