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Dysphagia Game - USA

The Dysphagia Game is an original and entertaining board game created to improve patient care for those affected by the swallowing condition dysphagia. The Dysphagia game is suitable for any health and social care setting, and is simple and easy to understand. The game format is based on the traditional Snakes and Ladders. Progression occurs when teams successfully answer dysphagia related questions posed to them by the opposing team. Landing on a fork sends you forward a few squares, but watch out for spoons as they send you back! Carefully constructed questions are designed to encourage discussion, debate and sharing of knowledge between players. This allows a conversation to develop around the awareness and management of dysphagia. Bringing together staff of different disciplines can be effective as discussion encourages players to understand each other’s role in dysphagia care. Participation engages players, motivating them to make real world connections with the content. The Dysphagia Game is an enjoyable and effective resource to boost training for health and social care staff in dysphagia management. If you wish to try out the game before you buy, click here to visit a short online version! Want to learn more about The Dysphagia Game USA Version? Click here to visit the game’s website.

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