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Working Stress

The app that teaches doctors and nurses how to manage stress and burnout more effectively. Developed by psychologists specifically for NHS staff, Working Stress™ is the gateway to effective self-management of work-related stress.

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  • Working Stress™ helps clinical staff understand the unique nature of stress in clinical practice and offers strategies for individuals to develop a self-management approach that works best for them. It is the vital first step on a journey to improved wellbeing for the individual and their organisation. Working Stress™ is not mindfulness or meditation. It is educational, developed by psychologists based on recognised academic research.


    In a trial, Working Stress reduced:

    • Severe anxiety
    • Severe insomnia
    • High burnout
    • Hazardous drinking


    Working Stress™ is user-friendly and cost-effective. It is a web application that works on any device and takes 15-30 minutes to complete. Staff only need to use it once. It helps develop lifelong skills that protect staff from stress and improve patient safety, sickness absence and staff turnover. Working Stress


    It contains 3 interactive learning modules:


    1. Stress & Burnout

    2. Managing Distress

    3. Dealing with Patient’ Death



    Working Stress is suitable for all clinical staff and is designed to be offered to all staff to reduce workplace stress in your whole organisation.

  • Game details

    Device requirements

    Any device through a browser


    15 - 30 minutes

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