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ZeST Appearance Game

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Play the Appearance Game using our online tool - ZeST. A fun and educational board game designed to help children understand and respect the differences in people’s appearance and promote body confidence.

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  • In training and education face-to-face discussions are incredibly powerful. But for many organisations, groups cannot meet face-to-face. Valuable opportunities for engagement and learning are being missed.

    However, people are still meeting in groups via Zoom, Skype and Teams. So, we have created a unique way of playing our board games online to maximise the value of remote meetings. It is called ZeST.

    ZeST encourages the same intense group discussions as our board games, and it can be used by anyone during any online meeting. ZeST is perfect for learning and training in the current situation and can be used for stand-alone learning sessions or integrated into group meetings.

    We offer a twelve month subscription for a single concurrent user within your whole organisation.

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  • Everybody’s Different: The Appearance Game aims to help children understand that differences in appearance are normal and there’s more to who we are than just how we look. The game uses discussion-based questions, as well as activities to explore thoughts and feelings around body image, appearance and differences.


    Playing the game creates a relaxed environment where children feel comfortable to discuss issues explored within the game, such as:

    • Body confidence and positive body image
    • Visible differences (disfigurement)
    • Diversity
    • 'Body talk'
    • Appearance-related bullying
    • Appearance ideals in the media
    • Putting appearance into perspective



    Suitable for children aged 9 and above.

    The Appearance Game can be used in schools, groups/clubs, at home or for health promotion.

    Suitable for PSHCE/Health & Wellbeing lessons around body image and diversity.