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Version: ZeST online version - single annual licence

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A version of the board game for use with TEAMS, ZOOM, SKYPE.

The Drug Round Game helps clinical staff understand the risks associated with the drug round. It helps them to recognise and minimise medication errors and provides an opportunity to practise making drug calculations.

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Regular price £27.00 GBP exc. VAT
Regular price exc. VAT Sale price £27.00 GBP exc. VAT
  • ZeST replicates the benefits of face-to-face games in a simple web-based tool that anyone can use. It does not require any training or special technology.

    ZeST games are designed to be played during group meetings on Zoom, Skype, Teams, WebEx. There is no direct link between ZeST and these meetings platforms. The facilitator just shares their ZeST screen with the group.

    The actual games are designed to be very simple to manage allowing the facilitator to concentrate on encouraging and maintaining group discussions.

    ZeST games will help you to recreate the energy and discussions you’d get during a face-to-face game.

    A single licence gives you unrestricted access to a specific game on the ZeST platform for 12 months. A single licence allows one online game session to be run at any time. However, you can invite as many participants as you wish to each session and you can organise as many back-to-back game sessions as you need. You can also purchase additional licenses.

  • The Food Hygiene Game makes food hygiene/safety training engaging and memorable. This team board game encourages discussion and learning from others, testing and consolidating knowledge delivered during formal training courses in a fun and effective way. It can be used during formal food hygiene training, or as an informal activity in workplaces, schools, colleges or the hospitality and catering industry.

    Food hygiene training participants may have spent time away from education or find “classroom style” learning inhibiting. The Food Hygiene Game aims to improve the learning experience by making learning interactive, informal and engaging. The game is easy to understand and use simple everyday language.


    Topics covered in the game include:

    • Introduction to Food Hygiene
    • Food Hazards
    • Personal Hygiene
    • Working Environment
    • Food Pests
    • Cleaning Practices
    • Introduction to HACCP



    Suitable for anyone undertaking Elementary Food Hygiene or Level 2 Food Safety/Hygiene courses. Also useful for:

    • Refresher training
    • Informal learning in hospitality/catering industry
    • Schools -Home Economics or Food Education classes
    • Higher education in food science, health or catering
    • Food industry events and training
    • Corporate training in all food related businesses