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Reflective Learning Pack

The perfect addition to any facilitators toolkit – this pack contains tools that help trainers and facilitators to structure group sessions and facilitate discussions.

  • The Reflective Learning Pack contains:


    Chiji Cards - A set of 48 illustrated cards that help stimulate discussions between a facilitator and an individual or group. The cards have many uses - participants can choose cards that represent answers to questions, feelings about a topic, or feedback on an activity in a training session.


    Chiji Guidebook - An instructional guidebook containing a collection of activities and ideas for using the popular facilitation tool, Chiji Cards. The book helps facilitators understand some of the different ways Chiji Cards can be used to facilitate group experiences, training and discussions.


    Chiji Pocket Processor - This pack of cards can be used by facilitators or trainers to help groups understand that many situations do not have an either/or solution, but that a continuum exists, and solutions can be found somewhere in the middle ground.



    Suitable for anyone facilitating groups sessions or training.