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The game of dissecting definitions.

Wordotomy is a novel game using etymology to enhance learning of scientific and clinical terms.

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  • Healthcare and science is littered with complex terminology that forms a barrier to learning by increasing cognitive load. It is easier to learn something if we understand it, and a lot of time is spent within curricula defining these new terms. Helping students find meaning in words by breaking them down into their grammatical roots reduces rote-learning and increases their vocabulary.

    Siobhan Moyes and John Chilton, from Peninsula Medical School at the University of Plymouth, created Wordotomy® to support students learning technical terms. By combining game-play with visual cues, learners can find meaning in complex terminology. The University of Plymouth is also supporting development of Wordotomy as a civic engagement and outreach tool.


    Wordotomy is a new and innovative approach to self-directed learning. Designed as a dynamic scaffold, Wordotomy introduces the fascinating world of etymology to learners, empowering them to grasp language in an entirely novel way.

    Our unique approach is centred around visually and textually emphasizing the meaning of morphemes, the smallest units of language, rather than delving into complex linguistic derivations or relying on homonyms.

    The Key Advantages of Wordotomy:

    • Meaning-Centric Learning: Understanding words by breaking them down to their core meaning. Wordotomy enables learners to focus on the meanings of words, fostering a deeper understanding that goes beyond memorisation.
    • Building Essential Skills: Wordotomy equips learners with valuable skills that extend beyond vocabulary acquisition. Learners develop the confidence to decipher new words on their own, enhancing their language skills.
    • Enhanced Retention: By engaging with the intrinsic meanings of morphemes, learners experience heightened retention of knowledge. The meaningful associations formed through Wordotomy are more enduring.
    • Ideal for All Disciplines: Whether you're a student embarking on a journey of discovery, an educator looking for quality resources or a clinical professional seeking to expand your medical lexicon, Wordotomy is ideal for all disciplines. Whatever your role in health professions, Wordotomy offers invaluable insights into specialised terminology.
    • Versatility in Education: Wordotomy isn't just a tool; it's a transformative experience that reshapes how language is learned and understood. Incorporate Wordotomy into curricula or induction programs to cultivate linguistic proficiency from the outset.
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