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Play the Leadership Game using our online tool - ZeST. Unique staff training game to improve awareness of LGBT+ issues and help create a more inclusive working environment for LGBT+ employees.

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  • In training and education face-to-face discussions are incredibly powerful. But for many organisations, groups cannot meet face-to-face. Valuable opportunities for engagement and learning are being missed.

    However, people are still meeting in groups via Zoom, Skype and Teams. So, we have created a unique way of playing our board games online to maximise the value of remote meetings. It is called ZeST.

    ZeST encourages the same intense group discussions as our board games, and it can be used by anyone during any online meeting. ZeST is perfect for learning and training in the current situation and can be used for stand-alone learning sessions or integrated into group meetings.

    We offer a twelve month subscription for a single concurrent user within your whole organisation.

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  • Good employers want to create a safe, supportive and inclusive working environment where LGBT+ employees want to work and will feel confident that they can develop a successful career.

    Staff training is essential to help develop the right culture in the workplace. We have therefore created the LGBT+ Game to help frontline staff improve their awareness of LGBT+ issues. The game challenges misconceptions about LGBT+ issues and helps to create a positive and inclusive culture.

    The LGBT+ Game is a board game designed to be used by frontline teams, supported or unsupported in the workplace. It offers a ‘safe space’ for staff to explore a range of LGBT+ issues and helps them develop their understanding and confidence. The game encourages players to discuss LGBT+ issues and to explore the barriers faced by LGBT+ colleagues.

    The game doesn’t require any external support so teams can manage the game themselves, in the workplace. The game can be reused as often as desired for formal and informal training. This removes many of barriers and costs associated with more traditional classroom training making group sessions easier and cheaper. And it’s fun.

    “I’ve played the new LGBT+ Game with health and social care apprentices as a new platform for learning. It is a great conversation starter and tool to encourage critical thinking, resulting in a greater awareness of how to provide care to LGBT+ clients. Learners were totally engaged; it is active learning at its finest making learning memorable and fun! Just what’s needed to raise awareness, I highly recommend it.”

    Tracey Bedford – Curriculum Lead Health and Social Care, GB Training UK Ltd