COVID-19:  information; the best protection

COVID-19: information; the best protection

Coronavirus is affecting everyone. This situation can be stressful and frightening, but we can all do something to help contain this outbreak that will support healthcare professionals who are facing the biggest risks to look after us.

It is crucial to follow the government guidelines, respect social distancing, avoid crowded places, wash your hands regularly and cover your mouth and nose with a tissue or your sleeve when you cough or sneeze. However, the amount of information published every day on social media makes it easy to get confused about the facts.

To help deliver the facts we have developed a free online game that helps separate the facts from fiction regarding the COVID-19. The game contains UK specific advice. Of course, there is still a lot to learn about this new virus and illness it causes but the game offers the facts as we know them. We are updating the game regularly with the latest information as it is published.

The game works just like our Flu Bee Game, players answer a series of questions about COVID-19, allowing them to test their knowledge and understand what they can do to protect themselves and their loved ones.

The game is completely free and only takes a few minutes to play so please play it and share it: 

After playing the game feel free to share your score with us on Twitter @FocusGames

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